Nathan & Betsy

July 31, 2021 • Covington, KY, USA

Nathan & Betsy

July 31, 2021 • Covington, KY, USA

Q + A

What about COVID concerns?

Nathan and Betsy have both been vaccinated, and vaccines are now widely available for anyone who wants one. But we understand that vaccines aren’t an option for everyone, and we did allow for distancing in our venue selections! The church seats almost triple our attendee count, and the reception venue has a beautiful outdoor space overlooking Cincinnati where Cocktail Hour will be served. A plated dinner (no buffet) will then be served indoors, which will only be at around 75% capacity. Masks and social distancing will not be required at the ceremony or reception. If you would like to wear a mask and socially distance, you are welcome to do so, we will not be offended! Again, we understand that some may have medical conditions and other reasons to desire extra caution.

How do I RSVP? What if I have dietary restrictions?

You can RSVP online here at the website, by clicking RSVP and typing in your name (as printed on your invitation)! Please also indicate any dietary needs at that time (gluten-free, dairy-free, nut allergy, etc.) You may also indicate if you'd prefer an outdoor table at the reception. If you have questions, reach out to either of us or email us at

Where are you registered?

We are registered at Crate & Barrel, Macy's, and Amazon. We also have funds setup for cash gifts. You can view our registries by clicking the "Registry" tab on our website.

What about kids?

We long for the day we can all get together! Unfortunately with both our very large families, and COVID concerns limiting our numbers, we won’t be able to have guests bring their children unless their children are in the wedding.

Where should I park at the church?

There is a large public parking garage right next to the church where you will be able to park, as well as metered street parking around the church.

Will a shuttle be available for the reception?

Yes, we are providing a shuttle from the Embassy Suites to our reception venue and back, throughout the evening! Specifics are available on the "Travel and Venues" page, so be sure to check that out.

Where should I park at Drees Pavilion?

There is a large parking lot exclusive to Drees Pavilion where you can park. You can also choose to park at the hotel and ride the shuttle.

As a musician, what are Betsy’s thoughts on Pachelbel's Canon?

She doesn’t mind it because violinists get to play the fun part! But it will not be present at our wedding.